We facilitate banks deliver personalized customer experience. Banking leaders partner with us to drive innovation, bring in new efficiencies to their processes and deliver personalized experiences to their customers. We help banks with the right strategy and solutions to deliver convenient access to their services, enhance customer loyalty and serve the unbanked. We leverage digital as a strategy to cut costs through reduced labour time, process automation and empower employees.
We partner with banks to help them leverage digital technologies as a strategy for information and data management, gaining process efficiency, build game-changing products and streamline governance and operations. Our solutions for business processes are geared towards reducing response time, cutting costs, improving bottom lines and helping banks deliver world-class services to its customers.
Deep understanding of banking industry and customer insights. Complete adherence to banking, data security and consumer privacy regulations.


We are helping insurers discover new business models build new products and deepen Customer relationship.
Our strategy and development consulting services help insurers attract new customers and retain existing ones, cut costs, mitigate risk, and boost productivity to drive profitable growth. From aiding on-the-move insurance agents to drive sales, to assisting policyholders manage their policies and file claims from their device to speed-up underwriting processes. Our solutions enhance customer engagement, empower employees and offer hard-dollar ROI.

We Have Sewed Specific Insurance Solutions for You

Our process-oriented solutions are geared towards product innovation, streamlining your underwriting operations, claim administration to empower your insurance agents with the right sales enablement tools. We leverage technology as a strategy to help insurance payers quicken their processes for maximum customer satisfaction, build innovative cost-effective delivery models that impact revenues and boost productivity for optimized resource management.


We help payers connect with their members in new ways, go personalized in their service offerings and build engagement that deepens customer relationship.

GST Registeration and Filling Service Chennai


We partner with leading businesses in managing digital disruption, provide strategy & solutions to keep them ahead in the evolving media landscape.
In the new digital order, we collaborate with media & entertainment leaders to leverage technologies to create, optimize and distribute content in newer ways. We help them create compelling content, build internet scale platforms that facilitate million interactions, provide advanced distribution and management platforms and amplify their brand while delivering personalized experiences.
We help businesses in the publishing industry to deliver their content build customized publishing platforms, integrate analytics and predictive CMS for better customer insights and engagement.

GST Registeration and Filling Service Chennai


Healthcare reforms and administrative mandates have driven a gigantic change in the business and IT industry. Healthcare applications require extensive and prolonged testing endeavours to prove their adequacy, quality and security before they can be securely conveyed to clients. SrivTch has a rich spectrum of healthcare testing services which have been carefully designed to meet the challenges of increasing customer expectations, emerging business models, compliance requirements and evolving technological landscape.

  • Conformance to a rapidly changing regulatory environment
  • Adherence to existing and emerging healthcare standards
  • Adoption of emerging technologies
  • Deeper and wider interoperability to support new standards and emerging market needs
  • Browser / platform / device independent application development


Creating highly engaging and personalized experiences, we help you convert browsers to buyers and retain them.
In retail, experience is everything. Your customers not only want great products but also highly personalized shopping experience(s). We help retailers boost customer engagement, aid in brand-building, drive traffic to the stores and accentuate the in-store experience. Our solutions help you optimize efficiency across the value chain by making your business more responsive to customer needs while providing accelerators to your processes.


We deliver customized solutions to retailers that helps them innovate, optimize their processes, improve profitability and be ahead of their competitors. Our deep understanding of the retail industry and mobile user behaviour help us build solutions that creates memorable experiences and make shopping a pure pleasure.


We help businesses leverage digital to address key challenges, reinvent their business models and redefine customer engagement.
We work with companies in energy and utilities industry to strategize, plan and implement their digital initiatives. SrivTch helps Oil, Power and Gas firms to improve their efficiency, boost productivity, help in better customer experience management and fuel revenue growth. Our end-to-end services are geared towards enabling businesses to push the edge of innovation and stay ahead of the curve.
We collaborate with energy companies to help them integrate digital technology with their business strategy. Our range of solutions are aimed at enhancing their technical capabilities, gain new efficiencies in exploration and distribution, and ensure smooth information flow across geographically dispersed sites.
Our solutions help energy & utility companies improve their customer experience management, empower their employees with right tools to address customer issues and offer new-age customer self-service solutions to reduce costs.